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By Michael, Jan 11 2017 02:29PM

Recently, you may have seen in the news that the UK is set to see a surge in the number of rats, after the laws regarding the use of the stronger poisons have been changed.

Now, anyone who wants to use anticoagulant bait must attend a training course and obtain a licence to use such products.

Here at PCSY, we are fully qualified to rely on us to help you with your rat problems, should they manifest themselves as per the warnings, and we’re only a phone call away. However, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you some great tips on preventing rats and other rodents getting into your property.

As you might expect, as the winter bites, our rodent friends find it harder to find sources of food outside. Gone are the BBQ months and times of people eating outdoors, so a rat’s ‘Al Fresco larder’ is less well stocked too!

Inevitably, this means they are looking to access properties to get to food that’s easily accessible, once they’re inside and the recent changes in the law on the use of poisons could indeed make this worse for tenants and owners and there’s the obvious problem that there being more rats around, they will breed in greater numbers.

So, here’s our handy guide to making it as hard as possible for our furry friends to get in!

• Where possible, keep foods in sealed containers

• Make sure outdoor bin lids are securely closed

• Keep hiding places to a minimum – don’t let rubbish build up!

• Clear away all left over pet foods when not in use

• Make sure compost bins are fastened tightly

• Fit bristle/brush strips to the bottoms of front/back doors

• Fill any obvious holes in exterior walls, roofing cavities and eaves

• Fix metal/rubber grates to drains and vents to keep them covered

• Seal any holes around pipe work with an exterior sealant

• Cut back bushes, trees, overhanging branches and grass to limit nesting and shelter possibilities for mice

• Cover any firewood, keep it above ground and at least 20ft from the house

Remember, it’s always best to call in the experts, especially now there are restrictions on the types of poisons you can use, without a license.

You can call me, Mike, at Pest Control Services Yorkshire on 07912 576896 and I’ll be happy to discuss your rodent issues and advise the best course of action.

Thanks for reading my latest blog and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a Happy (and rat free) New Year!


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