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By Michael, May 19 2016 09:25AM

The control of bees and wasps in Yorkshire is an annual problem for both householders and businesses, as the summer months begin to descend upon us.

As a nation, we have a tendency to lump bees and wasps together but, as you might expect, they are very different creatures and, therefore, have their own ways of disrupting our summer!

Wasps tend to be most problematic towards the latter part of the summer months, as this is when their nests will be at their largest and they are also more likely to be more aggressive towards human intervention in their nesting, given their ‘dozy’ state.

Bees, however, will always defend their nest aggressively but, as many of you will probably know, unlike wasps, bees die after stinging, so it’s a last resort for a bee to sting someone.

The most common bees in the UK are the Bumble Bee and the Honey Bee. A Bumble Bee is much easier to identify, as it tends be rounder, bigger and has many more striped markings than any other bees.

Honeybees, by contrast, are much smaller and can be easily confused for wasps.

There are many other types of bees in the UK (in fact around 250 different species!) such as the masonry bee, solitary bee and the common carder bee.

Some nest in colonies, whereas others build smaller fortresses inside small pipes or other ventilation inlets.

Turning to our ‘friend’, the wasp, did you know that a single large wasps’ nest can be home to up to 6,000 wasps and is capable of accommodating anywhere up to 30,000 of our little yellow and black chums!

Bee and wasp control is an annual problem for householders and businesses!
Bee and wasp control is an annual problem for householders and businesses!

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Unlike bees, wasps are prone to attacking in numbers if they are disturbed or feel threatened, so trying to destroy the nest in an attempt to remove it from your property or workplace is quite possibly the worst thing you can do and will only serve to aggravate its inhabitants – not something you want to do, trust me!

Wasp nests are often found on the eaves of building (the bits that hang over the edge), lofts and wall cavities, under decking, in garages and/or in your shed.

So, as both bees and wasps’ nests can be found in a variety of places, it is very important to call out a pest control specialist (such as PCSY) to remove the nest properly and without any danger to the residents or workers in building.

Believe it or not, some people have actually lost their lives whilst trying to remove a nest, due to the anaphylactic shock experienced after being stung, so it’s really not worth the risk!

At PCSY we’ve got everything we need to come in and do a quick and professional removal of your problematic bee or wasp nest, as we’ve got all the right protective equipment and tools in order to ensure we do the job efficiently and effectively, without breaking the bank.

So, if you want your buzzy invaders to, quite frankly, buzz right off, just give us a call today and we’ll be there to help you get rid of your summertime pest problem…. And don’t worry, we won’t ‘sting’

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